Evolution of Online Classic Slots

Slots are likely the most popular casino game worldwide. This is in great part due to their simplicity and because of the ability to play with small amounts. With the most rudimentary of rules, opportunity to bet small and win big, why wouldn’t they be alluring to people?

It’s well-known that these machines/games are the cash cows for both land-based and online casinos. They account for upwards of 65-80 percent of casino revenue. They implant the idea that anyone can win, you have just as much chance of scoring a million-dollar jackpot as someone that’s been on the casino floor for decades. It’s all about fate smiling and bestowing you with wealth.

And while we won’t go into the debate if Charles Fey really invented the first slot and it exactly what year, it’s interesting to see how and why online slots captured people’s imagination and have enticed them into gambling.

The Start of Online Slots

Online classic slots evolution

Microgaming was the first company to create an online casino and with it an online slot machine. This first game made available in the mid-90s was about as simple as you could get. It had three reels, primitive graphics, crummy sound effects, and only two buttons.

You could just press spin or stake, nothing more. And guess what? For most people, that was enough. In fact, this game is still available if you want to take a deep dive into slot history, experience a bit of 90s magic and test your luck out.

Evolution and Move to Skill-based Rounds

As time went on, the level of complexity that these games offered had expanded. This was not just evident in the audio-video aspects, with advanced animations, impressive graphics, licensed songs, and great sound, but also in terms of gameplay.

New games began to be developed and five-reels slots were introduced. Then came bonus rounds. But like with everything things got stale and the developers saw a need for interactivity. The modern-player didn’t want just fate deciding if he was going to win or lose, he wanted to have his say.

So, skill-based bonus rounds were introduced at the start of the 2010s. Now players would let lady luck decide how far they got, but once a bonus round came, it was their turn to step in and grab ahold of the wheel. About as much as the developers let them.

Benefits of Online Slots

One of the key differences of these games compared to their real-life counterparts is that they offer a better payout percentage. And, let’s not even go into the variety and selection of games. If we tried, we probably couldn’t find the exact figure of slot games available today. The numbers grow week to week, as does their complexity.

Another major benefit is that online casinos are available 24/7, you don’t have to wait for hours for your favorite slot to open up. Today, everyone can play every game they choose at any time. You can even find updated versions of your favorite classic machines in digital form.

And if you are questioning the safety, playing online slots is a far more secure option for two reasons. First, online casinos utilize the latest security systems that keep all players protected. The second reason is the fact that payouts are not given in cash, but rather directly to your account. After you choose a payment method at online casinos, for example, credit cards, and you choose to withdraw your winnings, the funds are directly transferred to your card in a few business days. There’s no need to roam the streets with cash.