Live Casinos vs Standard Online Casinos

You’ve most likely heard of online casinos by now. They’ve shot to popularity quite quickly in the last few years and casino lovers are flocking to these traditional brick and mortar casino alternatives because of how easy it is to access them. These online operators can be insanely enticing, as they offer a wide array of games and bonuses and allow players to enjoy these benefits from the comfort of their own home. Naturally, this is a dream scenario for users that prefer a calmer space they already feel comfortable in. 

So, it’s clear that online casinos are all the rage right now, but what exactly is the difference between live casinos and standard online casinos? At first glance, they both seem pretty similar, but the true difference is in the experience you get when you start playing. If you’re new to the online casino scene and want to learn more about what separates the two, here are the most important points.

Online Casinos vs Live Casinos


The main difference between live casinos and standard online casinos is that in the live ones you get the chance to interact with a real-life casino dealer. This makes the experience feel a lot more like playing at a traditional casino. For experienced players, this option is the perfect fit since they get the same thrill of playing at a lively Vegas casino without the cost of actually having to go there. The immersive nature of live casinos is currently one of their biggest advantages!

Live casinos can offer quite a few game options like blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and more. This means that you can play whatever your heart pleases from your comfy bed, except for slot games, which are pretty rare in live casinos. Standard online casinos in comparison use random number generators. In this regard, live casino players can have a more authentic casino experience with the dealer shuffling the cards and distributing their hands. 

Random number generators are mainly used for slot machines and video poker machines. They’ve been around for a long time and they’re without a doubt very safe and trustworthy. Most online casinos use third-party auditors to test their software so they can give players peace of mind when visiting their website. While this makes the chance of you getting scammed almost non-existent, you still can’t exactly replace the feeling of seeing the deck being shuffled and a dealer revealing your hand. 


In live casinos, you not only get the chance to interact with a live dealer but the overall communication with the other players is enhanced as well. Since these websites are extremely popular right now you will undoubtedly be playing with people from all over the globe. Standard online casinos in most cases don’t allow you to communicate with other players, yet in live casinos interacting with your table is always an option through a chat window.

This can be quite an incentive for a lot of gamblers since it makes the game a lot more interesting. The social aspect of a lot of these games is what makes them that more exciting and building up some rapport with the other players can add a new layer of suspense into the mix. In most cases, these chats stir up some friendly competition that leads to plenty of funny moments. 

Since in this case, you’re playing with real players, proper casino etiquette is essential. Be sure to follow the rules and respect the other players. If you improperly conduct yourself you will be kicked out. If you’re not sure what proper etiquette is on the platform, you can check out the operator’s FAQ or the chat rules. These are often laid out right next to the chat window itself.