Online Baccarat Side Bets Explained

While Blackjack might be king on Vegas floors, when it comes to Asia, everyone knows that only one game matters – Baccarat. The rise of the casino industry on this continent has brought the game to the top, as it overshadows all others in terms of revenue.

There is no doubt that it has always had an air of sophistication to it, whether because of its association with Mr. Bond or because it’s a game preferred by high rollers. It’s fast, simple, and it has a very low house edge, so it’s easy to understand why it’s popular.

It’s a game that requires no strategizing, so things get monotonous. However, worry not, as online casinos have thought of ways to add a little spice, enter – side bets.

Online Baccarat

Progressive Bet

A great thing about this bet is that you can win with seven combinations. The main one is a suited Ace and an 8 on both the Players and the Banker’s hand. If the Ace and 8 happen to be different suits for each hand, the Player may win a bet increase of x10,000, or x1,000 for any combo of Player-Banker, Ace and 8.

Other payable hands include natural 9, 8, 7 and 6, with individual payouts of x25, x20, x15 and x10. 

Pairs Bet

Players can wager on several variations of pairs, a Perfect one (two cards with the same suit and number), a Player’s/Banker’s Pair (same card denomination), and Any Pairs bet.

A Perfect Pair naturally gives the best payout rate, and an Any Pair the lowest.

Dragon Seven Bet

A Dragon Seven occurs when the Banker gets a triumphant 3-card 7, this pays 40:1. When placing this bet know that by doing so, you’re increasing the house edge by 7,6%.

Dragon Bonus Bet

This one has two options, a Banker’s and a Player’s one. The aim is to guess who will have the higher value hand. Both the total number of points and the type of hand play a factor in determining what the payout will be.

3-Card Six Bet

A 100:1 payout is won if both Banker and Player get a 3-card 6 hand. If only one manages to get it, the payout drops to 8:1. The casino has an edge of 13.37% when this bet is placed.

Small/Big Bet or the 4 – 5 – 6 Bet

Here, you’re wagering on the number of cards that will be dealt to Player and Banker within a hand. If you bet Small and win, the payout rate is 1.5:1, and for the Big option, it’s 0.54:1.

Sum Bonus Bet

If the value of both Banker and Player comes to a total of 18 (with two 8s, at least), then the payout is x50. If there are no 8s, the payout drops to 6:1. Combinations where the total is over 14 payout 1:1 or 2:1 if the value comes to less than 5.

Other bets

Casinos can offer different side bets, it’s up to their discretion. Other popular ones include Red/Black, Panda 8, Lucky Six, Lucky Bonus, Egalite bets and more.

Why is Online Baccarat So Popular?

Online baccarat these days is so popular because of its simplicity. Both novices and skilled players will have no trouble experiencing the best features that this game has to offer. Not only that, but baccarat is also featured in the live casino games category.

These games have become extremely popular recently due to the fact that they are quite unique and provide players with the best gaming experience. Not only are you able to wager on the games live, but these games are interactive as they allow you to chat with the dealer.

Now, let’s take a look at the side bets of this game.